Photography of Mayan Pyramids and Archeology George Fery

Maya World Images brings you the great past of the Maya and their Neighbors by showing their art, culture and history through photography that, together with field trips spanning over thirty five years, writing about today’s customs and traditions, and interviews with archaeologists working on often remote sites in the gloom of rain forests, will bring the remains of magnificent buildings and works of art, testimonies to outstanding architectural achievements, and the beauty of stones speaking to us from a long lost past.

“Tell Me and I’ll Forget”

“Show Me and I’ll Remember”



George Fery

In the late sixties, extensive studies of ancient beliefs structure and religions grew to a lifetime dedication to research, both academic and in the field. This quest rapidly focused on the search for a common denominator that drove humans and their cultures, to dedicate their hearts and minds to something other than themselves.

Years of academic studies, field research and expeditions in the rain forests of South and Central America, as well as archaeological sites in Mesoamerica, alone and with a team of like minded scholars and professionals, allowed to further study pre-Columbian cultures and, in the process, build a very large photo library from hundreds of archaeological sites.

Traveling and learning, often with great scholars and archaeologists but, best of all friends, continue and will for years to come. Learning ancient and contemporary myths and beliefs, is the corner stone for understanding people and cultures. It is even more so for today’s traditional communities of the Americas, given the historic impact of the 16th century European contact, and its ensuing cultural and social collapse.

Fellow of the Institute of Maya Studies ( in Miami, FL., as well as the Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers, London, U.K. (, and member in good standing of the Maya Exploration Center, Austin, TX (